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Tuesday Tech Question


I recently purchased a C/SA car to compete in NHRA competition.  After reviewing my combination, I found that I will need to add ballast to my car to be legal.  Are there any certain rules as to where or how I mount this ballast?

Lead Weight Lenny


Lead Weight Lenny,

In the 2012 NHRA Rulebook, Section 10A, page 8, under Frame: Ballast, our rules state that “Weight box permitted.  Only 100 pounds removable ballast permitted, including box (two-box maximum with 50 pounds each).  Must be attached to frame or crossmember with minimum of two 1/2 –inch bolts.  May not be attached to roll bar or cage.  Additional ballast must be permanently attached to frame or crossmember, i.e., bolted with at least two 1/2-inch bolts per 100 pounds, with nut welded to bolt.”