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2016 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series Policies

There will be no changes to the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Series Policies which will be in effect at all NHRA Heritage Series events for the 2016 season.

Racers are reminded to review these policies below, which are also listed on the NHRA Heritage Series website at http://www.nhrahotrodheritage.com/content/news.asp?articleid=28521&zoneid=148.

There are a number of topics addressed including Multiple Entries, Parings/Ladders, Lane Choice, Deep Staging and Burnouts.

The 2016 season kicked off last month with a new event at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, and now heads to Auto Club Famoso Raceway for the famed Good Vibrations March Meet, March 3-6.

NHRA and the host tracks would like to thank all of the racers that have supported the series over the years, and we thank you in advance, for your support of the 2016 season.


NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series Policies

The NHRA Competition/Tech Committee has instituted the following policies for the NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series events. 

1. Break Rule:  The use of the "Break Rule" for reinserting losing contestants back into an eliminator field - will not be in effect for any NHRA Hot Rod Heritage classes. Only those legitimate round winning contestants may advance in eliminations.

2. Multiple Entries:  A contestant cannot drive more than one vehicle in the same category at the same event. One vehicle cannot be used for multiple entries in a single class. However, if allowed by the Host Track - a contestant may enter the same vehicle into two different Hot Rod Heritage Series classes – one class must be Hot Rod and the second class must be A, B, C or D Gas. Additionally, a contestant may enter a Hot Rod Heritage Series class and a separate track class outside the Heritage Series (Ex: ET Bracket class).

3. Tow Vehicles: It is the track's discretion if they will permit or not permit the towing of vehicles.  (Please contact the track for approval)

4. Qualifying: On a qualifying run, if a contestant properly starts, stages, and receives the starters signal but breaks to the point the run is not completed, a time of 28 seconds is issued and it is considered to be a valid qualifying run.
Contestants must fire and run in their session order. Cars experiencing mechanical problems cannot be repositioned and restarted for secondary run attempts. Exception would be if car is shut off by event officials.

5. Pairings/Ladders:  Category pairings are based upon established NHRA "ladder" charts. Qualifying Times determine ladder positions.
"Pro Ladders" will be utilized for Nostalgia Top Fuel, Nostalgia Funny Car, A/Fuel, Junior Fuel and 7.0 Pro. 8 car field example: 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6, and 4 vs. 5.

"Sportsman Ladders" will be utilized for NE1, NE2, NE3, A/G, B/G, C/G, and D/G classes. 16 car field example: 1 vs. 9, 2 vs. 10, 3 vs. 11, etc.

In situations where fields are not full, such as 13 cars qualifying for a posted 16 car field, a specific 13 car ladder will be used.

The Hot Rod class will beginning pairing at 16 cars and will qualify off of reaction time from the round of 32.

6. Lane Choice:

Performance Categories (NTF, NFC, A/F, J/F):  Lane choice for first round pairings will go to the quicker qualified driver of each pair.  Subsequent round lane choice will go to the driver with quickest ET in the previous round.  In case of two drivers running identical ET's, the driver with the faster MPH on that run would earn lane choice.

Index Categories (7.0 Pro, NE1, NE2, NE3, A/G, B/G, C/G, D/G):  Lane choice for first round pairings will got to better qualified driver (1 is better than 2, etc) of each pair.  All subsequent round lane choice will be determined by flip of a coin.

Hot Rod:  Lane choice will be determined by staging personnel (during random pair rounds) or flip of a coin (when on ladder). 

7. Alternates: Once qualifying has concluded, and a ladder has been established, pairings will not be changed. However, should a qualified vehicle and racer be unable to make the first round of eliminations, an alternate may be inserted in their place.

Under normal circumstances, the first round points and cash awards will remain with the qualified racer. Alternates will not be eligible for any round points, regardless of how far they advance past round one, and the cash award paid will be less the amount paid to the original qualifier.

If an alternate racer is inserted into a rescheduled event for a non-returning qualifier, the alternate will receive full round points and cash awards.

In an attempt to reward the quicker of the qualifiers, the insertion of alternates is as follows: The first alternate will be inserted to race the slower of the opponents made available by an original qualifiers failure to appear in round one. The second alternate will race the second slower car, etc.

8. Staging: To be a legitimate race winner, a contestant's vehicle must self start and self stage. This rule also applies on single runs. Push starting or push staging any vehicle is prohibited. Staging must be done under a vehicle's own engine power.

9. Deep Staging: The practice referred to as "deep staging" is prohibited in NE1, NE2, NE3, A/Gas, B/Gas, C/Gas, D/Gas, and Hot Rod Eliminator categories. Both pre-stage and stage lights must be activated to constitute a legal start in those categories. In a dual deep situation, both cars will be disqualified, except in the final round of competition, in which case – the two finalists will be re-run
"Deep Staging is permitted in all other NHRA Hot Rod Heritage classes."

10. Burnouts: C/Gas, D/Gas, and Hot Rod classes will NOT be allowed to burnout across the starting line.

11. Cross Talk: Will NOT be used in any classes.

12. Auto Start: The host track will determine if Auto Start will be used and on which classes – (Please contact each track)

13. Field Size: Determined by Host Track. Group 2 to be a minimum of 16-car filed. Most events will be All-Run for groups 1 and 2.