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Important Rule Book Reminder

Please review the information below regarding NHRA’s policy regarding onsite sales, solicitation and advertising at all NHRA events.  Violation of these policies are a violation of the 2016 NHRA Rulebook and may be subject to action by NHRA.


2016 NHRA Rulebook

Section 1 – 1.9 Publicity

4) Participants agree that, without the prior written consent of NHRA, they shall not offer for sale, sell, give away, or otherwise distribute at the site of the event any token, any souvenir, any product, or thing of value, or permit others to do so, and that NHRA shall be irreparably harmed by a violation of this paragraph.


Section 20 - 11.1 Advertising and Other Material/Display

NHRA reserves the right to regulate any advertising or other material that is present on site at any NHRA event including without limitation any material appearing on any participant, on the body or any other visible part of any vehicle or transporter participating in NHRA events including on support vehicles, in any pit area, in any area of the dragstrip from the staging lanes to the end of the dragstrip, and any item or material on site that may constitute a product placement. Participants and vehicles may be excluded from competition and from event facilities if, in NHRA’s discretion, any advertising or other material displayed on a person, race or support vehicle, or in a pit area or otherwise is not in the best interests of NHRA and the sport

of drag racing, and/or is or may be in conflict with any applicable law.


Moreover, NHRA will require compliance with all guidelines and requirements of any telecaster for events that will be telecast. In addition, NHRA may require certain indicia to be visible on a vehicle

as a condition of participation in competition if NHRA determines that such requirement is in the best interests of NHRA and the sport of drag racing.


By way of illustration and without limitation, online gambling is an activity deemed by NHRA to be not in the best interests of NHRA and the sport of drag racing, and an activity that NHRA will not allow to be displayed or advertised on site at any NHRA event or in connection with NHRA in any manner whatsoever. Websites that allow gaming that is entirely free and for fun may be permitted pursuant to further guidelines that may be requested from NHRA. Violation of any part of any such guideline will be treated as

violation of the NHRA Rulebook.