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NHRA Sportsman Grading Policy


For a Participant to enter a Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series or National Open event and receive a grade point. The Driver and vehicle must be present at the event. The car at the event must be legal for the class being entered. Any abuse of this system will constitute the forfeiture of entry and grade point. No refunds or exchanges when entry is purchased online and not showing at event. 

Due to the growing numbers of contestants, constraints on pit space and scheduling time, a certain criteria must be met before a driver may enter an NHRA National Event. The NHRA grading system determines who gains entry to the National Events and subsequently, rewards National Event aspirants who support Divisional activity.

Sportsman drivers receive one (1) grade point for participation at an NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Regional/Divisional event or National Open event (must pass technical inspection). Drivers are limited to one grade point per vehicle, per calendar week (Monday to Monday) except in the case of Doubleheader LODRS events where a driver will earn a grade point for each event (must pass technical inspection). The grade points earned in either the previous year, or the current year (whichever is greater), stand as the driver's "grade".

A driver who competes in multiple categories can combine grade points. For example, a driver competing in SG at two events then SC at two events will have a combined grade point of four and may register as a Grade 4 driver in any single NHRA Sportsman category. When combining grade points, this total cannot be divided for two separate categories (i.e. 10 grade points in Comp and 2 grade points in SC equal a combined grade of 12, but CANNOT be allocated where 6 grade points go to Comp and 6 grade points go to SC). Exception: Super Street Top Dragster and Top Sportsman drivers must earn grade points in their respective category to be eligible for National Event competition. A driver competing in one category at some events and another category at others should notify their Division Director of the situation so that all grade points are awarded to the driver.  Similarly, if a driver competes at an NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event outside his/her Division, it is that driver's responsibility to make sure that grade points for all events attended are awarded.

To accommodate certain hardship cases, as determined by NHRA, or a former racer returning to active competition, an average grade system has been developed. The average grade is calculated by combining the racer’s grade points from the three previous years and dividing that number by three (total number of years). For example, a racer who competed in one divisional event in 2017, five in 2016, and six in 2015 has a total of 12 points, which, when divided by 3, equals a grade point of 4A (“A” for the averaging calculation).

To accommodate foreign drivers, grade points will be issued for participation at select foreign events.  Those events include the FIA European Championship and Middle East Championship. Each entry application must include written confirmation of participation in the series from the host country’s ASN/FIA sanctioning organization.

Online event registration accepts entries ten weeks prior to each event for drivers with a Grade 8 or greater. Grade 7 racers can register one week later, Grade 6 racers a week after that, and so on until the category is filled.

The NHRA Competition Department handles the administration of the grading system. For additional information about the grading system, contact the Competition Department at (626) 250-2271.