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Contingency Policies, Procedures and Claims

NHRA Contingency Program Policies, Procedures and Claims

The success of the NHRA Contingency Program is very important to both manufactures and the racing community. Manufacturers offer millions of dollars in payouts to the racers at each and every race and it is very important that the rules regarding contingency claims are adhered to by everyone in the racing community.  The 2013 Contingency Award Rules and Policies can be found in section 1.11 of the 2013 NHRA Rulebook and are as follows:



All competitors have the opportunity to participate in NHRA’s contingency programs.  Programs administered from NHRA headquarters are advertised in National Dragster for all national, divisional and E.T. championship events.


To become eligible for sponsor awards, competitors must have purchased and be prepared to show proof of the product claimed.  Competitors must adhere to the specific decal-display requirements as follows:




  1. Decal must be exact size and design of company’s contingency decal (36-square-inch maximum).
  2. One decal required for each product posting if applicable, prominently positioned on outer surfaces, clearly visible on both sides of vehicle beginning with the first round of eliminations. 
  3. Decals placed on vehicles once eliminations have begun will not be granted verification. 
  4. Decal stacking requires sponsor’s permission to ensure eligibility for advertised awards (contact sponsor).
  5. Decals placed on the inside of spoiler/wing spill-plates are not eligible for contingency verification.
  6. Decals placed on front or rear bumpers are not eligible for contingency verification.
  7. Exact facsimile of sponsor’s contingency decal (size, color, design) required if painted-on version is used (contact sponsor).
  8. For each category posting, only one decal is permitted.  Decals from competing companies for the same product will void all claims for the product category.
  9. Knowingly claiming a product(s) that is/are not in use or functioning in the intended manner on the vehicle for which the claim was made is defined as a fraudulent claim.


Claims that do not comply with all contingency program requirements will subject the participant to disciplinary action in the sole and absolute discretion of NHRA.


Decals are available from the product manufacturer or the Tech/Registration Trailer at divisional events.  Eliminator winners, runners-up and class winners must submit to a product and decal verification in the manner required by NHRA’s Technical staff in its sole and absolute discretion.

Claiming a product(s) that is/are not in use on the vehicle for which the claim was made is defined as a fraudulent claim. Claims made in disregard to the 2013 NHRA Rulebook will result in penalties that may include but are not limited to forfeiture of contingency awards for the event to forfeiture of all contingency awards for a time period to be determined by the NHRA to suspension from the contingency program for a time period of not less than one year.

The NHRA works closely with the manufacturers in enforcing these rules and application of the penalties. The NHRA and supporting manufacturers appreciate the opportunity to reiterate and clarify the policies, procedures and possible action if claims are found to be fraudulent.